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Showing posts with label up in my studio.

27 June 2014

Astronomers have been trying to find out how the moon was born for ages. Why didn't they ask me? The moon was born in a pea pod. I even have evidence:

Take note of the gentle halo and the way the sister peas are reflecting the moonlight.

This photo comes as the answer to . Let me know what you think and if you expected such a development for the original photo. If you haven't seen it, here it is.

You can buy this original surreal artwork while it's hot and sizzling on . For all Kanelstrand readers I created a discount code CYRCTU which will give you 15% off. The code is active until November 17th.

08 March 2013

My photo got selected as one of the TOP TEN Altered Images in the 10th Annual Photo Contest of Smithsonian Magazine. It was chosen among more than 37,600 submissions from extremely talented photographers in 112 countries. As the Smithsonian Magazine representative says "We feel these images excel in technical quality, clarity and composition and provide fascinating lenses into our world." I feel honored and humbled. 

Smithsonian is an institution I have deep respect for. Established in 1846 it is considered the world's largest museum and research complex with 19 museums, 9 research centers and more than 100 affiliate museums around the world.

Smithsonian Magazine is the official journal published by the Smithsonian Institution, with articles on history, science, arts and nature.

But I am sure you all know that. Now, on to the main topic:

While the jury is busy deliberating the winner of every category - The Natural World, Travel, People, Americana and Altered Images, as well as the Grand Prize winner, there is also voting going on for the Readers Choice Winner.

So, please, if you like my image, and help me get the highest percentage of votes! Voting is open until March 29th, 2013 and you can vote once every 24 hours. 

Just in case doesn't take you to the page above, my photo is Number 47. I only have a feeble chance to win if you vote just once, so if you want to make sure you are really helping me out you can set a reminder and go back there to vote every day.

You can right now in my etsy shop. Use coupon code KAN15 to get 15% discount.

If I win, I promise to send each of you a postcard with the same image. Just drop me a comment every time you vote, so I can keep track and make sure I have a way to contact you later for your mailing address!

Thank you!

31 December 2012

My simple year in pictures.

It was full of trips, emotions and lessons but most of all it was full of beauty. Thank you for spending it with me.

Take a moment to go through your year and recollect the moments that made you stronger. These moments will take you through to a much better 2013.

I wish you a very productive and creative New Year.













Happy New Year!

22 November 2012

When I started the blog survey last week I had no clue what a long way I would go in just 7 days. I posed a few questions to you and I was overwhelmed with the amount of love I received from you. I wanted to makes some changes to this blog but because I realize that building it is thanks to you I wanted to know what you think. And you helped me immensely in taking some very important decisions.synthetic half wig ponytail


Thank you for being here with me.

Thank you for the time you spend on Kanelstrand.

Thank you for sharing the Kanelstrand content with your friends and the world.

Thank you for voicing your opinions any time you feel this is important.

Thank you for helping this blog grow!

The results of the survey are being processed now but let me tell you, you became the trigger for great changes that are to start happening very soon. There will be changes in layout, hosting, blogging platform and functionality. And I am sure you are going to love them!

I promised 95% discount to my etsy shop for one of you who took the survey and the winner is...

Mary of

By the way, you should check , there are some incredibly cute Holiday gift ideas in there!

In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the latest video I compiled of my photos as a presentation of my shop.

I would love to know what you think about it (I am pretty new at this)!

14 November 2012

Last week was my 35th birthday. Just a day before it was the 4th anniversary of my grandfather's death. It so happened that the loss of this incredibly intelligent and kind human being will forever be intertwined with my birthday. Life is sometimes way too harsh.

For 4 years now I have been having mixed feelings to the celebration of my birth. But that juxtaposition of life and death made me think about the direction I want to develop my online presence. Those thoughts, combined with a few extremely fruitful talks with , added up to the initial push of yet another change on Kanelstrand.

I am constantly searching, researching; doing, redoing; reading and writing... My grandfather taught me that I should never be satisfied with my methods. Because there always is a better way. "Even after you think you have reached your best", he used to say, "don't stop, keep on developing and you will see how much more there is to it."

The Kanelstrand blog headers from its beginning to now

But you see, this whole journey through the land of graphics, blog-making and followers-gathering led me back to the basics of simplicity. I have a vision for the Kanelstrand blog. I see it as a place for quiet contemplation and reconnection with your creativity and subconscious abilities, yes I mean the ones you don't suspect you possess. I see it growing into a hub for simple living ideas involving not only DIYs and repurposing tutorials but also digging deeper behind everyday actions and into the psychology of it all.

One step towards achieving this dream is going totally ad-free. And this is a big step. I'll tell you why.

At the time being, I invest about 300 hours a month (yup, that's about 10 hours every day of the month, no days off) in researching, writing, editing and networking. The ads on the blog provide just a tiny fraction of my monthly financial support. To give you a better view of the situation, the amount of money I make through my generous advertisers is enough for what my family of three spends for 1 week of groceries. 

And here comes a question to you: if I offer you a simplified, less cluttered, ad-free experience that will surely not be affected by any financial partialities, would you be interested in supporting my hard work by paying a modest monthly donation of a sum of your choosing?

For example, if just 2% of all you, who daily enjoy the information on Kanelstrand award my writing efforts with a monthly sum of only $5 it will equal the amount I am now receiving through my advertisers and will set my mind free of financial dependencies and ready for even more rigorous research that will, of course result in more interesting content for you.

Eunique raises a great question in the comments, which I would like to address here. Here is what she says:

I wanted to comment on your survey. I actually had said no about the contributions, but wanted to explain why. It's not that I don't support and applaud you blog. You are amazing. But I also follow about 20 other amazing blogs. And read countless other blogs. If I were to donate to read them all, how would I choose? I couldn't possibly support them all. I know you work hard (300 hours!!!) and well deserve all the support you can get. 

I understand your fear, Eunique. I, myself read about 50 blogs daily and some of them ask for support. The truth is that I cannot afford supporting them all but I DO support the most amazing ones of all, those that speak to me, teach me and expand my creativity, because I really appreciate what they bring to my life. 

Take for example real life. There are so many exquisite shops, and even more are springing up, but I can't buy from them all, right? I do buy from my most favorite though, the ones that give me better service and higher quality, those that cater to human rights, or keep the environment clean, you see where I'm going.

You can answer this question, as well as a few others yourself in the . Yes, I compiled a short survey for you because blogging is about you and me together, and I count on your opinion. Your answers will help me determine the direction we are heading. (Hush, don't tell anyone but taking the survey will give you the chance to get a one-time 95% discount to the .)

Please, take a minute to . This will help me create an even more enjoyable place for all of us. The results of the survey, as well as the winner of the will be announced in a week back here.

Thank you!

remi human hair wig yaki ebonyline

01 November 2012

The end of October brought snow to Norway. We got instantly transferred to a monochrome world. Just like that, with no notice the brightly light leaves and the joy in my heart were shut down and put to sleep under a heavy white blanket.

Only the magpies, with their monochrome feathers and their monotonous voices don't feel the cold and seem to enjoy being the sole masters of the space outside called forest.

This sudden change made me concentrate on another world which I love to inhabit. Last week for my next artwork that had the autumn sky as a background. The one suggestion that touched my creative string came from talented Kim of . By the way, you should visit her extremely diverse , dedicated to raising funds solely for the extra educational expenses for her kids. Here is what Kim suggested:
"I'm thinking a falling leaf (or leaves) or something having to do with the autumn season. Maybe a house (since you have a lot of houses in some of your other photos) in the fall with all the leaves surrounding it. Something like that is what I picture."
The moment I read Kim's words I was already floating, I only needed some time to actually make what I saw in my mind. And snow gave me that time.

Here is the final result of two and a half days work. 
Roll your mouse over the image to see.

fairytale wigs crown

You can now buy this artwork as a print . Have I mentioned that I print with eco-friendly inks on an eco-friendly photo printer?

On another note, I am deeply thankful for your support and daily devotion to Kanelstrand. One year and seven months into existence, the blog just passed passed 1,7 million views! Thank you!

And this news comes right after I (through my work on Kanelstrand) was chosen as one of the on the web! You can see the badge in the right sidebar. I am humbled and inspired to become an even louder voice for sustainable, green and simple living!

24 October 2012

I walk through the woods. Yellow leaves above, brown leaves below. No wind or clouds in the sky, just the sound of ruffling foliage under the soles of my autumn shoes; the swish of my waterproof jacket on each step. I put it on just in case. Because in Norway you never know. My jacket's light green color is the one missing in the scenery and I seem to become a key element in the painting. If there was a painter somewhere around trying to capture the last colorful days of autumn.

I come back home to an unfinished artwork. I hardly ever talk about my digital photography process even in real life because it is very personal; harder to describe than anything I've posted for you on this blog.

But today I start a new tradition - exercise in fearlessness.

Have you seen these photos I made earlier this year?
You can now buy not just a of this original photo but also an art necklace!

View this image in different print sizes .

Get a tilted house or

To be able to print them as large as 50x50 inches and keep the high quality of the image I need a really large sky. And that is why most often my work starts with creating large digital canvases of skies.

I am fascinated with the sky, the form of the clouds and the colors they reflect at sunset and I have taken countless numbers of sky photos. But one photo is not enough, I take two one above the other like this:

And later stitch them in GIMP (which is absolutely free and fabulous) to get a massive background like this one.

Autumn clouds above Oslo

Imagine that view as a 50x55 canvas on your wall, it can easily substitute a window!

If you fancy having a never ending sunset on your wall, feel free to browse the sky category in my .

In the meantime, I will be working on adding a little more to that image. You know, something in the style of any of the above photos.

I am curious to learn though, how you envision this artwork yet unborn. What would you personally add to it to make it a unique work of art? Who knows, you might get the credit for my next project!

30 May 2012

Have you noticed how the notion of time changes its meaning online. One year in virtual space is way more than 1 year of knowledge in real life.

Why am I talking about time? Because I realized how many posts on creating a I have published in the past year and have always deliberately omitted one topic - Giveaways. I've spent massive amounts of time researching online giveaways and have organized more than 30 very successful ones for less than a year. That makes one giveaway almost every week for a year. 

Giveaways are a great way to show you support the handmade movement. 
While they are not exactly traffic boosters, you can nurture a faithful giveaway-loving readership that can help you in spreading the word and increasing your blog's popularity. 

A great percent of bloggers abuse the giveaways they organize (and their sponsors) with entries that have mostly to do with the blogger's benefit and that is what makes the topic of giveaways a controversial one. 

But just like in life, there are two types of bloggers - the sensitive and insensitive ones. With time the sensitive ones tend to float to the surface and become really successful.  

Why haven't I posted a single advice about organizing giveaways so far? 
The reasons are many but most of them a result of my need to re-think the traditional approach to a giveaway not only from the point of view of the organizer but also from the point of view of the sponsor. 

So, I started writing about the power of giving away because I concentrate best while writing. Somewhere along the lines, I realized that this is going to be way too much for blog posting. And then, the idea came - I should write a book about giveaways! In this way both bloggers and sponsors who are interested will be able to have a guide close by when they need it. 

In other words, prepare for The Power of Giving Away, the ebook that will help not only the newbie but also the experienced online business owner and blogger. There will not only be advices and clever ways around common problems but also an extensive list of sites to submit your giveaways to gain even more exposure.

Now I need your help. You know how much I value your opinion as readers of this blog and supporters of the handmade idea. In the comments below ask me any question that you would like to see discussed in the book, so we can make it even more valuable together! You will be properly quoted and linked to on the pages of The Power of Giving Away, but more importantly, you will have participated in the shared cloud of peer information and self-education. Let's do this together!

23 April 2012

Earth Day came and passed, just like the rain storm that woke me up on Sunday.  After taking quiet actions that have already become a routine, my family had a healthy dinner of baked salmon with mashed potatoes and fresh green salad. Perfect for .

It was a day of walking, unplugging, non-buying, avoiding plastic and reusing paper (as usual); a typically chilly, early-spring day in Norway.

by Kanelstrand

I knew there weren't going to be any surprises on Sunday but how little I knew. 

Right after dinner, I got an email from my dear friend with the best news I could get - my photo was featured on the front page of Etsy. Excited? No, I was ecstatic! 

This was my first time on the front page since I had opened my shop, and so soon after I re-branded! For those of you who don't know, a few weeks ago I finally gave up on my one of a kind felted bracelets to start selling fine art photography prints. 

Etsy front page on Earth Day

A big thank you to Liz from for the beautiful ! I am really proud to be among such beauty!

What a better moment to be on the front page than ! I am choosing to take this coincident as the sign that I am on the right track with my photography! 

But I want your help too. Please, take a look in my and tell me which print is your favorite and why. You know how much I trust your opinions, don't you!

09 March 2012

Have you noticed how quickly time flies when you are in high spirits? Spring is almost here and today I even saw some snowdrops and crocuses. So early and yet, to me, so late. The subdued colors of winter and the quiet strength of ice takes its toll on our fantasies.

That is why, today, I have prepared a color explosion for you! Excitement dressed in raspberry red and the joy of being together. You can download this wallpaper for free that will help you go through thunder and storm. Enjoy!

Click to download: | | | |

27 January 2012

Have you ever thought that by simply knitting a square you might help a child, orphaned by AIDS? Yes, you can! You can make a big difference to an African  child's everyday with just as little as some stash yarn and a hook or needle.


There are an estimated 1.9 million AIDS orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa. 500 children a day are made orphans by the combined ravages of AIDS and poverty. Most of them are left to fend for themselves in shanty towns. Governments and charity organizations do what they can, but it is not enough.

My lovely friend Laurie over at brought this to my attention. She is on a mission to knit 500 squares by June 1, 2012 but she needs our help! Let's join forces for a good cause!

Why squares?
Because they can be easily connected to each other and turned into blankets. That is how your love and craftiness will help warm an African AIDS orphan's heart.

How you can help
Knit/crochet a 8” (20 cm) square and to Laurie. She is so into this project that she will reward you with a coupon to her brand new online yarn shop . So by giving a bit of your yarn away you will be getting some back. Isn't she generous!

Also, don't forget to grab her button and post it on your blog to help spread the word!

All you need to do is knit. 
Turn your passion into warmth and care for someone on the other side of the world.

Visit to learn more and get Laurie's address, so you know where to send your squares.

Me? I'm already crocheting mine. How about you?

05 January 2012

I start the year with gratitude.

In the last days of 2011 the web was full with recaps of past success, creativity and inspiration. I too had my share of .

But I was patiently waiting for the new year to begin to thank those of who by linking to Kanelstrand have opened the doors for their readers to come and visit us here. I am grateful for their generosity. Before we proceed to the actual list, I want to forewarn you - the following blogs are amazing, each in its field, so make sure you get to know them well - there is so much to learn from a bunch of creative people!

by littlebrownpen

In this list I will not mention major websites like Handmadeology, Curbly, Craft Gossip, Ravelry, DailyBuzz, Moneysaving Mom, etc. that have all sent me a tremendous amount of visitors during 2011.

I rather wanted to direct my gratitude towards my new blogging friends and supporters, whom I admire for their devotion and creativity. In no particular order, here are my top ten blog referrers for 2011.

Thank you and I am looking forward to another amazing year together!

Did you claim your spot in the ?

29 December 2011

I guess it is right about time to wish you a successful and healthy new year.

I would like to wish for myself to keep having you by my side on the path to sustainability and simplicity. I am sure we could all benefit from that.

I started the year with 0 followers, 0 pageviews and 0 blogging experience. I finish it with more than 2000 subscribers and more than 100000 pageviews a month. But behind those numbers are you! Thanks to you I have exceeded all my expectations ever. 

Thank you to my who have trusted me to showcase your lovely eco-friendly creations, your thoughts at the process of creations and your generous giveaways and discounts.

Thank you to all of you, amazing new blogging , to whom I look for inspiration and who have been by my side in all my endeavors in the past year. Thank you for your words of appreciation and honest opinion. You have been my driving force.

Please, have my New Year's gift to you. I designed a wallpaper you can download for free and I hope it will inspire you and will set you in the right mood always. I already have it on my desktop and I imagine how if you set it as well we will be connected in a wonderful and simple way.

With the wallpaper comes my wish to you: every time you feel stressed out in the coming year, remember to and relax. Things will be alright as long as you are able to hear your inner voice.

Click to download (choose between bright or dark bunny):
iPhone4 - |
iPhone - |
iPad - |
1024x768 - |
1920x1080 - |

09 August 2011

A month has passed since I got the urge to pose the serious question to the important people in my virtual life. Yes, a month ago I asked YOU, all of you, my dear readers: and was I surprised by the response this survey aggregated!

Thank you, all of you 228 souls for the time you spent giving me your advice. I get so uplifted collaborating with creative and thinking people, there is hardly anything else I would rather do!

I know you can't wait to see the results and where this blog is heading to, so here are the answers to the main question in the survey:

What content would you prefer to see on the Kanelstrand blog?

Yes, things looked pretty obvious even in the beginning and I am so glad that I had the chance to give you what you wanted straight away! Several days after setting up the survey, my family and I started on and you were my photo companions for of Scandinavian nature, cities, small towns and UNESCO World Heritage listings. Now that's what I call good timing or even more bravely put - reading of minds!  I am proud to have covered the most wanted topics - Photography (71%) and Scandinavian nature and way of life (68%). 

Now, what is left is for me to keep on sharing with you my passions: photography, Scandinavia and easy decluttered living. Of course, there will be much more and I have already taken into consideration all of your wonderful thoughts and ideas you shared in the survey. I wholeheartedly appreciate your opinions and I feel blessed to have connected with so many inspired and bright minds. 

Thank you for being there for me. I will do my best to keep working and collaborating with you for creating a better place for ourselves where we can grow together and share our passions.

On a different note, I am thankful to my friend who informed me yesterday that there was a problem with the comment form on my blog, so I had to change it to a pop-up window in order to be able to get your responses. Hopefully blogger will fix whatever needs to be fixed soon. 

Do you have any problems with your comment forms?

06 July 2011

When I set on the blogging journey, I spent several rather quiet months until I could feel the vibe of my blog and let everything I had read in the past 3 years combine miraculously in my head. Then I simply started writing. Just like I have done ever since I remember myself. So, that was easy, really.

But I realized that blogging is not about me. It is about you and me, together. As days passed by, I felt more distinctly the dynamic balance between my words and yours grow. The interaction with creative souls is a gift I wouldn't exchange for any other. You, all of you, my lovely readers, are an inspiration to me! Believe it or not, I say "Thank you" out loud to each of your comments. Every day.

I know that finding the right path takes time and efforts, trials and errors and I am up for all that, I am willing to go the whole way! But I would love it if you help me take a shortcut. I have compiled a with questions about what you would like to read on the Kanelstrand Organic Living Blog. You can see a link to it on the right sidebar, and it will stay there for a while, open for everyone.

Please, take a minute to fill the survey out. This way you will help me create an even more enjoyable place for all of us. Thank you!

06 June 2011

Yesterday I had the honor of being awarded the versatile blogger award by Melinda of . If you consider yourself earth-friendly and you are still not following Melinda, you definitely should be! She is one of the most peaceful and eco conscious bloggers I have "met", plus she won my very first giveaway and now has one of my felted bracelets, which means she is totally lucky as well! So go check out her green musings, I am sure you will find something that suits you.

Because of that award, today I am giving you a self-portrait.  I will not be answering my handmade interview questions, instead I will follow the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award, which are:
  • Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
  • k'ryssma lace front wigs
  • Pass the award along to five deserving bloggy buddies.
  • Contact those buddies to congratulate them.
1. I love to read. When I was kid, the only presents I wanted from Santa Claus were books. Of course, he always brought me more than that but still, he is responsible for more than half of my home library. I somehow grew up on books, I went to bed and woke up literally under books and I could very often swear that the pictures I saw on their pages were in fact part of my own life, and in a sense they really were: I lived in Wonderland with Alice, I flew to the rooftop with Karlsson, I went to fetch bee hunny with Winnie-the-Pooh and made pancakes with Pippi Longstocking... 

Nowadays I listen to the books because it allows me to do something else in the meantime and as you know, we women are very good at multi tasking. So I peacefully knit or crochet, or cook while listening to a lovely book.
2. Speaking about knitting and crocheting, I must admit that my daughter brought the actual knowledge of knitting at home from school (one thing I like about Scandinavian schools is that they still teach children to knit and cook). At the time, my husband was discovering the harmonica and somehow his excitement of new knowledge got me.

After overcoming my initial fears and prejudices, I set on the path of creating with yarn. There followed months and years of extreme joy, however strange it may sound. Two of the major things I love about knitting are the fact that I can always start over and the meditation-like experience I get out of it.

3. I never go out of the house without my camera. I see life in frames always, all the time everywhere. We are a photo family, take it as you will. My husband and I are always documenting and have found out that keeping a visual diary is not only less time consuming but very appealing. In this way we can easily keep our extended family in track with our adventures. Our friends have already learned and accepted the ritual of placing the tripod in front of the festive table and the process of first taking the pictures and then eating! You can view some of my photography .

4. Actually, I am a poet as well. I wrote my first poem at the age of 6 and ever since I have been sleeping with a notebook and a pen by my bed, so that I can write down the verses that come to me while dreaming. My mother, once she became aware of my talent, signed me on a poetry course and I spent 2 years of learning the theory behind writing poetry. All the knowledge I acquired at the course has become a part of me and I have been able to create freely and theoretically correctly ever since. I take extreme pleasure in reading Emily Dickinson.
5. I used to have an extremely stressful life in the big city, basically hardly making through the day for about 10 years. Working as a manager of a major private school I had to overcome a lot of weaknesses and fears of mine but thankfully, the work with children is extremely rewarding and charging. I am glad that I moved on to a peaceful and stress-free lifestyle which helped me remember the artistic and creative sides of myself and hear my thoughts more clearly.
6. For the past 6 years, thanks to my husband I have lived between 3 Scandinavian countries - Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and I feel very much enriched and changed. Of course, it is a childhood dream of mine to travel and get to know the world but I have never imagined that I will get headaches from the intense beauty I see around.
7. I am a sports person and I am crazy about skiing. It is the closest experience I have had to flying. I love to experiment and work on my style, I love how the snow squeaks and glistens under my skis and I love the fresh cold air and the sun in the mountains. Luckily for me I am now living in the land of skiing, where they say people are born with skis on their feet.

So, these were 7 random facts about me. The award goes from me to: 

Melissa from
Alessandra from
Renathe from
Annette from

24 May 2011

In the past week I have been working on my new line of organic jewelry called Earth, Wind and Fire and you can already see three of my creations on . The line got its name from the three "elements" that I use: cotton, wool and glass beads. Cotton needs the vital juices of the earth to grow, wool gets blown by the winds while still on the sheep and glass is formed by the fire! I am writing this post while crocheting the wool bases for some awesome necklaces that are to get felted any minute now. Ah, the excitement of inspiration!

Meanwhile, have you heard about this pretty accurate by the , which I saw mentioned over at the blog. The test aims at analyzing your creative style and my results truly inspired me! That is why I recommend you to try it out even just for the fun of exploring your own emotions!

And please, do share with us your results - as a comment or in a post on your blog!

Update: Right now there is an awesome Etsy Workshop on the lead by 's John Jantsch. He is talking about how to create a simple marketing system for your business - one which will allow you to view the world of marketing, and your business, in an entirely new light. Now, meaning Tuesday, May 24th from 7 - 8:30 p.m. ET. Hoping you won't miss it, see you !

20 May 2011

Oh, who doesn't love Friday? The day when the great weekend anticipation reaches its peak, when the sun shines brighter and the winds are warmer... Do you want to know how I spend my Fridays and get to know me better? Come to and spend the day with me! 

Looking forward to your feedback!

15 May 2011

Earlier this week my post provoked by some word clouds depicting the most common adjectives our children are exposed to while watching TV stirred a pretty good discussion.

The comments you all posted were heart-warming and impressive. In the past years I had lost hope, thinking that the main stream parents, the ones too busy making money/careers, had taken over what little numbers had been left from the army of considerate parents. In recent years the development in children's pop culture (whatever that is) has really been taking to my nerves and making me feel that my family and the friends we are surrounded with are an exception from a too severe rule. 

Lost childhood? 

Maybe so, especially if you consider 's words: "One thing I saw that burned me up was sketchers shape ups for little girls. Sorry - I don't think my daughter needs to worry about the shape of her ass yet." You cannot imagine how thankful I am that we don't have that in Scandinavia YET.

But bringing up a girl to live in piece with herself, admiring nature, listening to anything else than Hannah Montana, reading, drawing and active in sports is far from easy or rewarding in a class full of 11-year-old girls with absolutely unneeded bras on fully flat breasts, makeup, and gone through at least 5 boyfriends already. I think you all understand what I mean.

But you gave me hope to believe that there are still considerate parents and parents to be. I especially loved the mother and daughter duo - and , thinking in perfect unison:

Jordan: "We don't watch any TV. Mom is even thinking of canceling our cable! The only thing we will miss is the Thanksgiving parade."

Simply Smitten: "As my daughter Jordan stated above, we don't watch tv, and at lunch today I was discussing canceling cable! ... I refuse to watch violent, hateful movies and so we stick with light, educational and fun. We'd all much rather pick up a book than sit down in front of the television anyday! :)" 

The proof for truly following our dream of perfection can be found in our offspring and their attitude to life's challenges.

So, all these thoughts coincided with an exciting project I have been working on lately. I have been thinking of adding some diversity to my etsy shop directed to children (and the young at heart)! 

Of course, the products are all eco friendly and created in a clean environment. Is there anything cleaner than a pine filtered air enriched  by the vapors of the Northern sea?

To give you a tiny glimpse of what has been cooking crocheting in my studio, I will show you this photo.
This is an apple cozy, which is also suited for an orange or even a pear. The thick cotton provides a shield from most sharp edges that can hurt an apple in a bag. Dressing up a fruit with such a costume will not only save it but will brighten up everyone's face when they see it at work, or at school.

What is more, eating healthily must be encouraged and nourished from an early age. Bright colors and fun shapes can help kids enjoy their fruit more and make them proudly show off their snack to their friends!

Now, pray tell me what you think! Would you use an apple cozy? Do you think it is a good encouragement for young children to have their apple a day?

wig mannequin head convert for light stand

02 May 2011

Now, here is what happens to the one who starts simultaneously! See how easy it is to get over excited by spring crafting and to become sadly hookless (I am almost sure there is no such word but it kind of goes well with the whole absurd situation, doesn't it?).

So, next time you plan to save money, remember this ugly picture and go for the quality! Note to self: Never, ever buy plastic hooks again! They are so NOT eco!

And speaking about crocheting, I am in the process of putting together a lovely how-to for all creative crocheters and adventurous ladies who are willing to try something new, so don't throw away your ragged pants and stay tuned this week for an upcycling project!

By the way, what kind of crochet hooks do you use and would you recommend them?