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Showing posts with label seasons in scandinavia.

30 May 2013

May in Norway brought generous sun at last. Out of the rain and the dark clouds suddenly new clouds were born, spring ones. The first rainbow of the year stretched across the vibrant blue sky and underneath all living beings, shedding their winter coats smiled joyfully.

I'm exhilarated by the sun and the longer days. I cannot believe there is no more snow and the ice in the fjord is gone. I am thankful that it is now possible to sit quietly outside under the sun and not freeze. And I do, I sit for hours and I listen to the birds. I wish I could identify them by their songs but even my ignorance cannot stop my utter joy at the coming spring.Or is it summer already?

The National day of Norway brought colors and high spirits to the streets of sleepy Oslo.

For the first time in May we were able to enjoy the sun. The grass is almost green.

The fjord, the same one we used to walk on in the winter is now alive. And we all greet the sun on the banks.

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29 March 2013

March came to Norway as capricious as I've always known it. It snowed and rained, and blew and hissed through the naked branches. I kept seeing spring photos from around the world. But spring still hasn't come to Norway. Today I went for a walk on the beach. Oops, I meant on the ice. It is still deeply frozen and it seems like the whole town is hiking along. People with bicycles along with skiers and dog walkers, and kid walkers and fishermen. It is so lively on the ice, like it is the most natural place to hang out right now.

So, hang out with me on our March ocean (yup, ocean, not lake) ice.

The white snow seems to enhance the ensemble of colors on this house.
The fjord is so long and we are right at its end. The sea, even in winter is as calm as a frozen lake.
No boats until spring. Instead, a lot of footsteps on the sea ice.
A red boat and a red ouse in the distance. The perfect combination to warm your blue winter day.
On a sunny day you can find people sunbathing all over the ice.
Skiing on the sea ice between islands and walking your dog? Sure!

I hope the fisherman has luck, look, he has started a second whole in the ice, I am sure his boys are impatient already.
The most whimsical of post boxes. Wouldn't you gladly live in it?
Although our March is cold at least it is sunny, so our spirits are high.

How about you? How has your March been? Let us know in the comments.

19 February 2013

February in Norway is snowy white and icy cold. It often turns gray and bearably cold but never goes without the snow. Sometimes when I wake up I hear birds in the distance and I know that the day will be warmer or that maybe the sky will be blue for a change. On the days when I get to see the sun I feel like a mole who's crawled out of its earthy home.

I miss the brightness of the sun and the warm breeze from the fjord. I miss the color of summer and the smell of late spring.

But I also try to embrace the monotony of February, hoping it is here for the better.

For example, look at the following photo. See how much activity there is? The skiing man, the family with the baby stroller, the lady pulling her child in a sleigh, and the swimming dock, they all are on the frozen waters of the fjord. You can see the boats in the far right corner. It is an amazing feeling, having to walk on thick ice with so many people around. Some of them picnicking, others fishing through a whole in the ice, or simply walking from island to island.

The change in perspective is unforgettable and a great exercise in boosting your creativity. The secret life of the sea.
Turning back, there is an even better view of gentle reflections of the setting sun. Yes, this is still the same sea.
There is ice even in the middle of Oslo but people skate on it. In other words, ice and the weather are being throughly enjoyed by a nation used to live in an unfavorable climate.

Some places the ice brings stillness and poetic oblivion.

But where there is no ice, it is crowded and even livelier. At some spots along the river, the municipality has been warming up the water in favor of the wild birds like geese and swans.

The presence of wildlife is more subtle sometimes but that makes it ever so magical.

I love the hue of the snow - different in every moment of day and under the footsteps of animals an man.

But what I love most is my feathery friends whom I can see much better on the background of white fluffy snow.
 What do you love about February in your part of the world?

This post is part of the series on Kanelstrand.

21 December 2012

It is December already. The streets are covered with ice and my steps produce the dingle, jingle of Santa's sleigh. They're singing a song of frozen asphalt met by shoe spikes. Each steps takes me closer to town. It's been 6 months since we left our tiny paradise on Earth and moved to the big city. The bird songs are replaced by motors roaring and trains passing. 

We are adapting but that doesn't make me happier. I miss my forest, I miss my beaches. I miss the Great Tits that used to wake me up with their songs or even visit me at home.  My on this blog was about the birds! And now they are nowhere to be seen. 
We used to have this lovely feeder on the balcony where Great Tits and other song birds came to feed a few times a day
I bet you know how I feel. I bet you have all dealt with loss, be it just the loss of a very favorite place. Christmas and snow; lights and cookies are all so very festive but they cannot make up for my lost forest. I cannot even bear to see the thousands of photos I have taken during the past couple of years. 

Today I am going to show you how December looks like in the city. It is still beautiful even though it is very different from the rawness of nature. Hope you are preparing for a very warm and bright Christmas.
There are apples on the trees and the first snow makes them even more beautiful.

The town is getting festive

There are Christmas trees everywhere
And the Christmas markets are abundant.
Here is a smiling angel on yet another Christmas market. This lady is clearly walking the talk!
A lady dressed in the traditional costume of the - the indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of far northern Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Kola Peninsula of Russia,
Christmas is so much about chocolate, isn't it. A lovely chocolate shop is full to the brim with all types of sweets.
While everyone is busy with Christmas preparation the nearby ski run gets a facelift. Soon we will be skiing again.
And a distant memory of a peaceful place I used to call home. The most popular beach in Norway.
How has December been in your part of the world? Are you getting ready for Christmas and how different is it from last year's?

30 October 2012

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October is a fiery month in Norway. The trees are brightly lit in the warm colors of the sunset and hay is being gathered quietly. The graceful magpies seem to become the only birds playing around in the yellow leaves. Apples are abundant and elks drop by in people's gardens to feast on them.

I seem to find more and more reasons to go out and photograph that most fleeting of seasons and the momentary colors of its dress. I wish I could keep the warmth of the stunning colors to make it through the cold winter. 

This iron bridge was painted by Claude Monet in 1895 in his painting "Sandvika, Norway"

The skies are heavenly in October, probably because the reflect the beauty underneath.

High winds and bleak skies happen too, though I try to avoid them.
Idyllic view enhanced by the low sun.

The leaves seem to emit light!

Wild chestnuts bring me back to my childhood years when we used to make tiny dolls with them.

Tasty red apples are usually left to rot under the trees.

I could watch this for hours. Look at the way the colors on the tree melt into one another!

How are you celebrating autumn?

27 September 2012

September is a rainy month in Norway and yet you can find a sunny day or two. The first mists reign over towns and valleys, and the sun paints leaves in all colors you can think of. The birds sing their last joyous songs and I say goodbye to the carelessness of summer. It gets replaced by thicker clothes, heavier shoes and the occasional hat. clair hair outre wig veda

Well, let's not cry salty tears over such a colorful month, and just enjoy it! Here is how I saw it through my camera. to see September 2011.

It's still warm enough for fishing barefoot.

You can meet deers in any season.

I don't recognize mushrooms but at least I can photograph them.

Look at the contrast!

And the sea can be rough but in a playful way.

This is where you climb to check on the salmon passing from the river to the sea.

The mist comes...

... and changes everything.